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    I have the enterprise child theme installed.

    If I apply h1, h2 or h3 tags to any text on a page, the text changes from lower case to upper case.

    How do I stop this from happening.

    Is it a setting in the Genesis theme or the child theme.

    I have submitted a support ticket but can’t really wait 2 days.

    Any help appreciated.



    I’m developing the site offline, to avoid Google duplicate content penalties with the existing html live site. So you won’t be able to view the page in question.



    Is it anything to do with this code in the css stylesheet?

    text-transform: uppercase;



    Yes, I think you nailed it. Comment out that line of css code and see what happens.



    Thanks for replying.

    Before I saw your reply I changed the wording on that one line from uppercase to lowercase, but that did not work.

    So I used your suggestion to comment out the line /*text-transform: uppercase;*/

    I searched the whole style.css and commented out every instance of text-transform: uppercase, I found around eight occurrences of this instruction.

    Saved the changes and checked to see the result and it worked perfect.

    A nice end to the day. Thanks for your help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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