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    Hi, I set up my Metro theme with a static Home page. Bing webmaster reports that H1 tag is missing, while all other pages have the HI tag.

    I’ve tried various things but can’t work out how to add the tag and sort this and I’m now starting to wonder if I have set up my Home page incorrectly. I’m using the All in One SEO plugin.

    Some advice would be welcome.



    Checked your site code:

    1. Homepage, the h1 tag is missing. Go to SEO plugin setting and check if you have entered website title in main setting area.

    2. Post pages, h1 tag is appearing fine.



    Hi Davinder, thanks for getting back to me. Yes the plugin’s Home page settings are all filled in. Both the home title and the home description.


    Check Settings > General Settings for site title and tagline field. Also, have you tired seo by yoast plugin instead of all in one seo plugin? If still issues, email me login details iguiding AT gmail DOT com – will check it for you.



    Thanks for the suggestions. I’m fairly sure that my plugin settings are now correct but still no H1 tag for the home page.

    I have had a look at some of the coding with firebug and noticed my site used <p class=”site-title” itemprop=”headline”>

    I also had a look at another Metro site and found this code <h1 class=”site-title” itemprop=”headline”>

    How would I make the changes?


    Have you made any changes to functions.php file? Also, are using ‘genesis title toggle’ plugin?



    I didn’t make any changes to functions PHP at least not in relation to the H1 tag. I did try the toggle plugin yesterday to see if that would solve the problem but I deleted it fairly quickly.


    I guess, then reverting to previous version of theme where h1 was working is only feasible solution now.



    Davinder thanks for having a look at this. I wonder though if anybody else might have an idea why there is no H1 tag on the home page.


    I have tweeted this link and will post on Genesis Group on Facebook.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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