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    Pretty much like the title says, Happy New years.

    We had a great time last night at a friend’s house. We had to check out early because of the kids but it was still a lot of fun.

    Did anyone do anything fun?

    I made a resolution about 20 years ago now to stop making New Years resolutions. So far I’ve kept that resolution, but I think that bettering yourself is a great idea. I just make mine more personal by evaluating my life and asking what I should do differently for my birthday, which is in October. That is why I’ve been doing the new fitness thing.

    That said, did anyone make a New Years resolution they care to share?


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    Happy New Year, Nick!

    I was actually in bed before 9pm – I guess I’m getting old – I’d had a busy day earlier in the day (had to drive to camp to pick up my son from Boy Scout winter camp, and then drive home in awful weather – it was exhausting!)

    Even though I know I’ll break them, I still end up making New Year’s resolutions. This year, I want to be consistent about continuing my education, and take a couple of classes per semester (rather than a couple of classes at the beginning of the year, and then doing nothing for the remainder of the year!)

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    I went to my dad’s friends party last night. Since i’m looking to change career’s, I was getting some contact’s since everyone was drinking.  (Easy to get a yes then a no when they have a few beers in there system) This was the first year I didn’t go to a bar to bring in the new year.

    I’m in a position at my current job for the past 13 years that I will lose my job this coming Feb, if I dont’ transfer to new department (massive pay cut If I can move) or face the unemployment line. Little hard for me to get a online business going when I spent to much money on xmas present’s so I’m going to try a new career and put the blog business idea on hold for now. (Need capital anyways)

    I have a feeling 2013 will be a big year for all of us blogger’s.  I can’t wait to see what StudioPress has instore for us.


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    Happy 2013! Waited ’til midnight, toasted the TV party, then went back to trying to figure out how to accomplish my New Years resolution: switch my site over to Genesis. Didn’t get far with that, so went to bed around 1am.

    Went for a bike ride with a friend today to clear my head, but ruined that by hitting the computer when I got home.

    Maybe I should quit making resolutions. :)

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