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    Dividend Mantra

    Hi there! New to the WordPress/Genesis community!

    I’m currently in the process of migrating a three year-old blog with over 400 posts from Blogger to WordPress. I’m currently building a virtual url with Genesis before I move everything over.

    I just had a few small issues, if anyone can help. I’m okay with a computer, but don’t know much about coding. Please take it easy on me. :)

    1. The “read more” area is gone at the end of the post. I use the more tag on WordPress and the post ends where it should, but there is no “read more” area or anything. Nowhere to click. Must click title of post. This was fine before I dowloaded Genesis and the child them.

    2. I’m trying to find a “as featured in” widget for media mentions. I’ve been featured in USA Today and the Today Show and stuff and I want to highlight that. I can’t find anything with either Genesis or WordPress for that? I’ve seen many WordPress sites with this. Is it custom?

    3. None of my ads using adsense and other providers show up right now. I’ve got ads on the sidebar and nothing shows up. Also, is there a widget to put ads under the header or under a post title with Genesis, or is this a WordPress thing?

    Thanks so much!


    Dividend Mantra

    Ok! I’m sorry. Figured out the “more” issue. The Magazine Pro theme automatically includes that feature when customizing the home page. Got it!

    Still working through the other two issues…


    Dividend Mantra

    So I’ve got the featured posts running under Home – Bottom because I don’t like the other outlays for Magazine Pro (using Home Top or Home Middle and bigger posts), but I’m just wondering, does configuring the Home – Bottom with the Featured Posts widget then cancel out other posts? I simply want my posts to pop up on my blog newest first, with five posts running down before you have to hit next page to get to the next 5 posts.

    I simply added the “Featured Posts” widget to “Home – Bottom” to configure my blog look like the demo. This doesn’t mess with how the other 395 posts will be categorized, does it? I guess what I’m saying is I just want my posts to go from newest to oldest like a blog, not like a magazine where you’re featuring different posts and stuff.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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