Has anybody tried using Genesis eNews Extended with MailChimp groups?

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    People sign up to your email list. But what if you wanted 1 Mailchimp list to have sub-divided groups so that certain categories get updated with that category’s RSS feeds while others don’t.

    I know how to segment a list, but the questions is… Have you guys been able to use a plug-in like Genesis eNews Extended to sign up people to the correct group in your list?



    That is interesting. Let me know if you find a solution for this setup. Interesting indeed.



    I have setup the extended News form against MailChimp for my blog, Is this still an issue?



    I couldn’t use the eNews plugin to sign people to the correct group. What I did was that I added a checkbox for groups in the Mailchimp confirmation email. It works, but not well, because people that I know would’ve have signed for a certain group are not doing it – because they didn’t see it. For others that see the option it works well. Not the best solutions I think.

    I might have to separate the groups into separate lists even though Mailchimp doesn’t recommend it. Unfortunately, I’m getting a few unsubscribes from people that are obviously getting some emails they don’t want.


    Genesis Developer


    Well just have a look on http://wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp/ i have tried it earlear it solves my problem.



    Thanks guys. That’s definitely one way to do it. I’ll look more into it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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