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    In the past I´ve added widget areas and even tho I don´t quite understand how it works I know the basics on how to do it, but yet again I find myself in need of help from the peoples of the studiopress realm to achieve the task at hand.


    I need to have a widget area directly opposite to the header right area, a   “header left” , where the logo now sits, well i´m not going to use it because I´ll be adding the logo a different way to the site.  I want to have social icons to the left and a search bar to the right and I want them to be a the same level.

    Here is the url to the site (modern portfolio child theme)


    So far I have registered a new widget area but don´t know how to hook it.


    Thanks a lot in advance for your help!



    Also something I forgot, I need to keep the logo in the middle, that other way I mentioned is not going to work the way I wanted.

    Thanks in advance for all the help



    Ok so far using hooks I´ve added a header left widget area using this code

    and with some easy CSS I´ve made the widget occupy half the theme´s size.

    .header_left {
     width: 520px;

    it all works really good, all the widgets show how I want them to show, now I need to have another widget area on the right side at the same level but i´m confused on how to hook it to the “genesis_header”.

    I also need the logo to show in the middle, I have it showing now on the center of the page via the modern portfolio child theme “about” widget but i want to use the logo functionalities of the theme because I need it to be shown in all pages not just the front page. I figure I could do an align center CSS.

    Thanks again for your time!



    I have done a lot on my own and all i need are finishing touches, I´m going to go ahead a mark this as solved to start a new topic with more specific questions.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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