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    I have a custom header I have installed in my Scribble theme. However, I can’t get it centered on the page. Is there any way someone could help me with the code?

    Here is my website:

    Thanks so much!



    It looks like the header width is to large for the header area. It would probably be easier to change the header’s image size then to alter the code. You can use http://www.picmonkey.com/ under the basic edits you can crop the image. Otherwise you will have to widen several sections of your theme.



    Hi. I am having a similar issue and using the Outreach theme. All was well until I designed a new header and uploaded it. The header size is EXACTLY the size the theme says to use which is 1060 × 120. It is not centering full width and not repeating and also the background color is not showing up to the right where it should be. The background color is a black color, not gray. I don’t get it. My code for the header image is below. The only thing I tried was to replace the images/header.png with the actual file name which is images/header.snr.png — that did nothing to fix the issue.

    #header {
    	background: #090909 url(images/header.png) center repeat-y;
    	margin: 0 auto;
    	min-height: 120px;
    	overflow: hidden;
    	width: 100%;

    I’ve included a screenshot as this site is under maintenance mode right now.


    Thank you for any help or suggestions! Driving me nuts!

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