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    Thank you! I will read it this weekend.

    One last question, what would you recommend the best way for editing CSS for a studiopress site? Should I use firebug, and post changes to notepad, or use dreamweaver?



    I usually just edit my stylesheet in Appearance > Editor in the WordPress dashboard.

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    I took your code advice ‘nuts & bolts’ to adjust my header to a custom one in Streamline Pro.

    Basically, I uploaded new size (full width) header jpg to media (in my case 1140px width); then added it to Simple Hooks Plugin (checking remove default header) using html code between <div> </div>; and removed that .site-header padding in the CSS that you recommend.

    All worked fine for me. No issues. Seemed simple. But I wouldn’t have known the padding bit was the issue in rendering it correctly on the site.

    Just to note in case someone else wishes to replace default header (often smaller size than full width) with custom one.

    Thanks for this code posting.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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