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    Apparition theme, custom menu widget in header right zone.

    Menus set up for dropdowns, yet no dropdowns display.

    The theme’s demo page shows this working, so must be a setting somewhere.

    Not using primary or secondary menus (which don’t show in the header without a lot of work).

    Right now I’ve gone back to one level menus, but the Stuff menu item still has dropdowns set up for testing purposes.

    Note that when I turn on the primary menu for testing the dropdowns work. Just don’t work when driven by the custom menu widget in the header right zone.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by  inkmuser.


    Just examined the theme demo…and it appears, based on css tags, that the menu shown in the demo’s header is a primary menu…and not the custom menu widget as provided. Yet it’s in a widget wrap.

    My page source code reveals different tags (no primary nav tags) so I must conclude the demo’s tricked up to get the primary nav menu up in there, at least from what’s available out of the box.

    Perhaps the custom menu widget provided is not capable of using drop downs.

    I did try positioning the primary nav menu using css, but did not work well. The menu also changed to vertical vs. horizontal, so it was a nightmare to tweak.

    So revising my original post for a plea for help in modifying the primary menu to reside up in the header. You’ll notice I’ve fixed the position of the header so it sticks at the page top, and obviously this needs to apply to a horizontal primary nav menu set to float right.


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