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    I am using prose theme and having difficulty with my logo and the width of Header widget. I want to put a logo of 220 px along with flash file in the header widget on the right side. The Header image option doesn’t let me upload a logo size 220 x 71 px because it considers the entire width of header and doesn’t accept any small image because it crops it very badly then.

    I have uploaded a sample header image and i want my header to look like it accommodating small logo, tagline under it and a flash file of size 728 x 90 pix on the right side in the header widget.


    How it can be done, can anyone help?




    Also the text of the header is not going away. when i upload any header image, the ‘Title and Tag’ stays there along with it, looking very odd. Despite i have unchecked the option “Show header text with your image.” from the header image area.

    It was working fine a day ago, but when i experimented with the header image logo, it started appearing. Now i have removed it from the WordPress General Setting Area. Is it really Ok to remove it from there and it won’t effect on my SEO?




    Would anyone there help me?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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