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    I want to know if it’s possible to be able to change the width of the header area.  I’m using the largest png image I can use without the image being automatically cropped in the Custom Header settings page.  I don’t know what I’m looking for in the CSS to be able to widen the page widths, if that’s even possible.  I have Stylebot and that has worked wonders, but mainly for fonts and colors.  Would changing the custom header width (if even possible) also change the rest of the page’s width?

    Here’s my url http://dschurchofchrist.com/.  Specifically, I want the white box with the green tree in it to be farther over to the right.  Either that, or somehow make a change to where the Header Right widget is placed.  I could use that widget to put an image or link to the right of the white box w/tree, but when I activate that widget (called Image Widget), it gets placed right over the arched text.  I am using the Outreach theme.  Thank you!




    If you added this with the header uploader, which I’m guessing cause you mentioned cropping, did you pick center?

    all I see is no-repeat on your #header image, no top center



    Did you find any way to customize the header width?

    The native width in the Outreach child is 1060×120, which is awfully wide for a site that might be visited on mobile devices.
    And of course, if the device’s width is less than that, then the header image is narrowed appropriately, but a lot of ugly blank whitespace gets inserted below it.

    If I’m not mistaken, having a narrower defined header width would prevent this extra-whitespace problem from happening, except on VERY narrow display devices.

    …any way to customize the width??



    I just tried to post a reply and got a “Page Not Found” error when I clicked submit.

    Something seems quite wrong here…

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