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    For some reason I’m having a super hard time finding where to change the settings for this.

    In my blog posts when someone goes to add a comment, as soon as they enter it and mouseover the “post comment” button it goes transparent.

    I have tried to change the color (to #aec24a) in numerous places but nothing seems to help.

    It seems like it should be this block but whatever I’m trying isn’t doing it.

    .metro-blue button:hover,
    .metro-blue input:hover[type="button"],
    .metro-blue input:hover[type="submit"],
    .metro-blue .btn:hover,
    .metro-blue .genesis-nav-menu .current-menu-item a,
    .metro-blue .genesis-nav-menu li a:hover,
    .metro-blue .genesis-nav-menu li:hover a,
    .metro-blue .post-comments a,
    .metro-blue .navigation li a:hover,
    .metro-blue .navigation a,
    .metro-blue .sidebar .enews-widget input[type="submit"],
    .metro-blue #title a {
    background-color: transparent;

    Link straight to a post (scroll to the bottom)

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    It is that block of CSS, more specifically it is the line .metro-blue input:hover[type="submit"] it changes with no issue using the developer tools. How are you editing the file? FTP or WordPress editor? Double check that it is saving correctly.


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    I’m in Dreamweaver and then loading via FTP (the host has it locked down so I can’t edit inside WP.

    So do I just need to change

    background-color: transparent;


    background-color: #aec24a;

    OR do I need to pull that out (leaving the rest to still be transparent)

    .metro-blue input:hover[type="submit"] {
    background-color: #aec24a;

    Appreciate the help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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