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    I’ve been stuck at this for awhile. Definitely do not know much about coding, but I’ve managed to get half way there – the only thing I need to change is the logo.

    Here is my problem:

    I am using the Blog News child theme by WPCanada. I am doing the site for someone and they wanted the navigation bar to be changed to what it is now and the logo moved above the header. I’ve somewhat managed to do that, but I need to link the logo to the index/homepage and I also want to bring the menu up closer to the logo.


    How can I go about doing this?



    In Line #248 of your CSS, the .header-image #title a is set to 10px in height. Change this to 100px.

    Then in line #293, .menu-primary has a 50px margin top and bottom. You can either remove this line or change the 50px to 10px (or whatever you like) to move it up toward the top.

    Hope this helps!


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    Thank you!!!! I knew it was going to be something simple, right front of my eyes. Hey, I appreciate the fast response. Have a great weekend!



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