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    As soon as I installed the child theme, Decorated, my site became very sluggish. I ran site tests via tools.pingdom and discovered my cacheable resources (plug-ins, fonts, images,…) need expiration “dates”.

    I’ve read *a little* about this (adding expires headers) but I am not a designer and know very little css, no javascript.

    Is it true I must add something to my htaccess file? If possible I need the precise code to add to this file or suggestions on where I can find the code online.

    I’ve put in a support ticket via the child theme site but haven’t heard anything yet. Just prior to purchasing and installing Decorated, I was using a free child theme with zero problems. I noticed many of the images tying up my site load are directly related to Decorated and I have to say, I’m pretty frustrated at this.

    Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. All I truly want is a beautiful, fast efficient blog! Thank you!!


    Pingdom shows that your site is loading in +/- 700ms right now with the free theme, which is extremely fast. However, without Decor8ted active, it’s impossible for us to see what might be causing the lag.

    A good starting point for expires headers:

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    I’m sorry, I couldn’t take the lag time any longer and switched back to the free child theme. This was actually a good opportunity for me to do some serious housework on my plug-ins :) I didn’t hear back from the Decorated child theme support (or my hosting service) so I gave up. I appreciate the link you provided. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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