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    I was looking at several themes but was wondering if this was possible and if so which theme would work best. I will have a post that will be filled with photos, can these photos ( 10 plus )be featured as a slide show on my main page ? The themes I like as far as layout are; corporate, agency & legacy but am open.


    Posh John

    A slideshow could be added to any Genesis child theme. If you’re coding skills are not so good, it would be easier to pick a theme which already has a widgetized area where you want it on the homepage – but adding it to a theme which doesn’t have one is not too in-depth.

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    So the agency theme would be better than the corporate if coding skills are not too good.



    There is a difference between a Featured Content Slider and a Slideshow. with the Featured Content Slider on Agency – that one works by adding Featured Images to the Pages or Posts. If you want to add photo to a slideshow without having it attached to content you will need a Slideshow plugin similar to Soliliquy-Lite/



    Would that type of plugin work with either theme ?  If so would the slideshow show up on the main page as additional images to featured content slider on the agency theme or in place of ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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