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    Hi everyone

    I bought the agentpress theme and would use it for my property listings.

    I have followed the instructions to create the taxonomy, etc. I tried using the Agentpress Featured Listing Widget for my main body. It would display the number of listings I specified. However, I would like to have different sections for “for sale”, “for rent” or “under contract. That is instead of one featuring listing grid, I would like to have them separated according to the taxonomy created.

    In other words, i think I would need to have another widget like the agentpress featured listing widget but with a selection of taxonomy to extract the listings from.  Just like the agentpress featured post widget.

    Appreciate your advice on how i could do this





    I haven’t had time to test this but I think if you installed the featured widget amplified plugin and then used the featured widget amplified widget you should be able to select the listings posttype and then filter by category. You can also have multiple instances of this widget with different settings.

    Let me know if it works


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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