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    How can I make this statement be used only on the home page?

    <div class="home-slider"><?php dynamic_sidebar('home-slider');?></div>

    I’ve tried:

    <div class="home-slider"><?php is_home() dynamic_sidebar('home-slider');?></div>

    <div class="home-slider"><?php is_home() {dynamic_sidebar('home-slider');}?></div>

    Neither with any luck. If this is neccesary to know, I’m using simple hooks where inserting this code.

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    The first statement – is being used currently in simple hooks with NO issues. I just don’t want the slider to appear on any pages except the home page.


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    Got it! Simple syntax errors.

    <div class="home-slider"><?php if (is_front_page()){ dynamic_sidebar('home-slider');}?></div>


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    That’s not really the correct way to code it but it will work.

    Here’s another way to do it from your functions file

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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