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    Tried posting this and it didn’t show up… so if it shows up twice, my apologies

    I would like to create a page with text on top with a single full blog post underneath.

    I followed the instructions

    I added a new custom field, using query_args as the name, and use and then typed the cat id

    This only partially provided a solution. Yes it does show top text and pulls the post from the single category

    The post is only a snippet not the full post. Since I use the blog template for the article category, I know more snippets will show with future posts added to the category.

    What can I do so only one post shows at a time and it’s the full post not a snippet?




    Hi there,

    Are you wanting the *same* text block at the top of all single blog posts? If so, something like this might be a better approach:

    But instead of adding the content after post, you’d want it before the post, so use

    genesis_before_post (if you don’t have HTML5 enabled)
    genesis_before_entry (if you DO have HTML5 enabled)




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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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