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    I’m a photographer and currently using the Expose theme. I have some (read: very little) experience with Genesis Grids but I’d like to duplicate what I am using a plugin to do on this page: using Genesis (not a bloated plugin). However, it’s a bit beyond me at the moment how to get there. I really need to do this soon because the plugin isn’t working correctly and confusing users so I thought I’d reach out here to see if I might be able to get some direction.

    Things I like about that plugin/page:

    The overlay once it’s fully loaded is exactly what I want. Ideally it will load the Title and Excerpt (I have a custom field now of Post description, but this is not ideal for going forward).

    It uses shortcodes which is nice because I’ve put it to use in other pages on my site effectively. This is not necessary though.

    I also like that users can select categories to pull up or do a text search. I don’t care about the other search featured (Most liked, etc). But…

    What I don’t like:

    When trying to find work in a category search, it leaves the pagination untouched. Meaning, if the first “Lifestyles” category posts are found on Page 5, it looks blank until you get to page 5. Kinda silly. And definitely confusing users.

    Because this plugin can do a lot of different things, it’s a bit bloated for my purposes and I know that I can do this in Genesis without all the extra code I don’t need.

    What I think I need to do:

    Set up a “featured_page.php”…and probably need to set up a custom widget area to do the search… But I’m a bit lost as to how to do this to get the look of the linked page and functionality all together on just this page.

    Has anyone done something like this or can you help get me started? I’ll be ok once it comes to the tweaking the CSS to get what I want, but I could use a leg up in getting it started.

    Thanks in advance if you can help!

    Andrea Rennick

    Try this:

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    If you need technical support for your theme please file a ticket.

    The forums are community based. Staff only monitors the forum for issues relating to the forum itself and to redirect users to where they need to go.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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