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    Using the method described in a previous post does eliminate the slideshow from running on the Blog page, however, it just leaves a white page for me. Does anyone know where the php function is located to just eliminate the wp_cycle slideshow from the Landscape child theme altogether? There are much better slideshows out there that can just be placed with a shortcode and that allow multiple slideshows on the same page.


    Which previous post?

    There’s a folder in the Landscape child theme named plugins. You can delete this if you want.

    You’ll also find this code in the home.php file which you can remove:

    <?php if( function_exists(‘wp_cycle’) ) : ?>
    		<?php wp_cycle(); ?>
    	<?php endif; ?>

    I would use the native WordPress media settings with Jetpack as this enables you to easily create multiple slideshows using a shortcode.



    Thanks Brad for your help.
    I guess I misstated in calling it a previous post, should have been in a previous thread about a similar question that I found when searching for the an answer.
    I went back and looked at my theme editor menu choice and there was the home.php file, how I missed that is beyond me. I looked at every other file on that list except that one for some reason.



    No worries.

    I think its better to use File Manager in cPanel or download the file using FTP and use a code editor like Notepad++.

    If you make a mistake in the them editor, you will be locked out of your site and then have to use the above methods to access the file anyway.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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