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    How can I remove the unwanted white background space that is displaying on the right-hand side of each image in the slider? I want to keep the white box as an outline but I want it to display around the size allotted for my banners…920 X 400. Basically I want the content centered in the middle of the page and the white background box to be centered also.

    Also, does anyone know how I can get my logo to display in the header without overlay text? Also, how can I make the remaining space in the header white so that it flows correctly.



    Bill Murray

    1) Make your slider image 1060 px wide. You might need to regenerate your thumbnails after changing the size.

    2) Are you using a custom header? If so, look at the image size for your custom header and create an image that matches those dimensions exactly. You’ll set the background you want when you make your image. You’ll place your logo where you want on that header. That will lead to a new question – how to change the link area to where you position your logo? I can’t answer that until I know where you’ll place your logo, but the concept is to set a left margin on the elements around line 225 of your child theme’s style sheet. Post back once you made the other changes if that’s not obvious.

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    Thanks, Bill.

    1) Within WordPress, the Responsive Slider default settings displayed as 900 X 420 so I had my designer design around those dimensions. I’ve already paid for the images and have closed the project. I don’t have access to InDesign, Illustrator, etc. to alter the files. Is there a way I can edit the CSS so the banner and the white background will both display around the sizes I mentioned above?

    2) I want to display my company logo not just my company name (default setting) in the top left-hand corner. As I mentioned above, I don’t have access to Adobe design products so it looks like without those, I won’t be able to set the dimensions as needed with a particular background. Correct?

    Appreciate your help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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