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    Can I  add another menu below the header. If anyone can tell me how to that – that would be perfect! I am trying to get those custom social buttons I made below the header. I want to keep this theme for everything else, I don’t want to switch to another theme just because of this.


    Well, I figured it out myself – so if anyone is needing to do this its actually easier than I thought..

    I removed the “unregister secondary menus” from the functions.php. Then in Menus I was able to add a secondary menu. It appeared immediately but needed styling. So I copied and pasted the primary menu css directly under itself – then changed all the “primary” to “secondary” then I changed “block” to “inline” because my buttons were to far below the header in block style :)



    I stumbled across your post as I was looking for info on pretty pictures theme and I noticed that you had a really gorgeous look for the header. Would you be willing to share what program or how you went about creating your header (e.g., how you added the books and the bird)?



    i love adobe illustrator – i used that and designed it myself. i do design headers and logos. starting at $75 if you’re interested :) i’m more of a designer than a coder, but i’m getting the hang of it.



    I’m trying to add social media icons as well, and the way krystina has placed them under the header image is nice.  When you say:

    I removed the “unregister secondary menus” from the functions.php

    Does that mean you removed:

    /** Unregister secondary navigation menu */
    add_theme_support( ‘genesis-menus’, array( ‘primary’ => __( ‘Primary Navigation Menu’, ‘pictures’ ) ) );

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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