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    I was able to easily highlight author comments using this CSS:

    li.bypostauthor {
    background: #EEF2E6 !important;

    But when nested comments go three deep or more, any commenter who replies to the author is also highlighted (as at http://kindredgrace.com/stepping-forward-in-grace/#comment-8898).

    Tips?  Thank you!


    Bill Murray

    Near line 1036 in your child theme stylesheet, for your .comment class, you need to override the styling you set in .bypostauthor. Since your .bypostauthor changes the background color, you need your .comment class to specify whatever the default background is for your comment area.

    Threaded comments that reply to your comment will still carry some of YOUR background color because of the padding, but you’ll get closer to what you want.

    It would take custom classes to get better separation between your and other comments.

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    Thank you! It would be great to see a method for better author highlighting worked into the Genesis framework, but this works for now!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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