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    Hello There,

    I have a real estate brokerage, and I want to install somehow all of the available themes that I have purchased through studiopress, agent press, etc.   into my multi site,  wordpress install.

    I am trying to make it so my agents can go to a page that they log in to, then they have the choice to make a new website and they can choose from a few different theme options, colors, etc.      Click a few buttons and they are on their way to editing their new site through their wordpress dashboard.

    Right now we have this somewhat installed, but they can only choose from 1 theme, and they cant change the colors of it etc.  I dont think I am fully using studiopress for all its glory.

    I’d like to hire someone to do this,  what a dream if they are in St. Louis, but otherwise, we will need to be able to talk on the phone.   Just let me know your experience with this, and some sites you have done this same type of work on, and how much you charge of course.

    I’d like to get this work done within the next week.

    Thanks, Adam Kruse

    Email me:    Adam (at) HermannLondon.com  




    Adam Kruse, studiopresshead



    Here are a couple of tutorials I found along with info from WordPress.




    Do your agents want a sub-domain blogs or do they want them on their own domain?  This is a question that is a part of the network of blogs info that you have to answer, and in some cases, it appears, to be answered based on what your host and server allows. Also, according to the info, you need to have a very robust hosting environment as the multi-blog network may cause more use of resources.

    This is totally do-able for sure.  With my real estate client, the agents are responsible for their own website.

    The other option is to do single su-bdomain installs of WordPress on your hosting account for each agent who wants their own blog.  It could be something like http://www.agent.hermannlondon.com.  If you have a desk fee, I suppose you could include the cost there.  Then, when they set up their blog, they could have access to all of the themes you have purchased and make the customization themselves.




    Enable multi site and network enable all the themes.


    brad – thanks for your reply.   I have multi site enabled, we are using it now, but I dont know what you mean by “and network enable all the themes?”

    Is there someplace in Studiopress or in my wordpress dashboard that I can go to settings and just click a few buttons and my dream becomes a reality?

    Adam Kruse, studiopresshead


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