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    Ok, I am sure it is something simple but I am stuck…I am using the Magazine Theme

    I want a static front page and a post page called News.   In the menu, my “Home” is just the site URL.  In the reading menu, I only set the posts page to News and left the Home Page blank.

    I am also using the Genesis Responsive slider.

    So, in the Reading menu, I created a page called  “Home” and set it as my home page but it is blank.  The Posts page (News) has the slider and the widgets but not the posts I created.  If I move the Posts page to another, the same thing happens…the slider and text widget take over the page and the info I had on that page is gone.

    I also put the Slider and Text widgets into the Home Top widget box…but it only shows up on the Posts page…not the Home Page.

    Basically, it is treating my Posts page as the Home page and my Home page is blank.

    Is there a way to have my Home page look like the Magazine example (where the slider and widgets are) and just have the Posts on the post page without the slider?


    Here is my site http://tinyurl.com/b9vo68e



    You’ve configured it incorrectly.

    1. There is no need to create a blank page called Home. In the Menu area, there is a default custom Home already assigned to the home (your domain name). Remove the Home page.

    2. Go back and remove the static home page. Select the top button.

    3. Go to the Widget Areas and drag the slider to Home Top. Then drag a Featured Posts widget under it – in the Category select your News category.

    That’s it.



    Thank you Anitac,

    The home page makes sense.  How do I make the all the blog posts show up on a single page.  In this example, it would be my “News” page?

    In the Magazine example, they have a page for blogs:




    Ok, I totally missed it and figured it out.  I had to set the News page as the blog template.  Whew!  That was easy!



    THANK YOU!! This is the one I needed also :) I love you guys/gals and this is why. Thank you Anitac

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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