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    Hi everyone,

    I have three questions.  And if it matters, I am using the Balance theme.

    1) My theme came with a Home page already created (literally a page that was merely labeled “Home.”

    When I added that home page to my main menu, and then published that menu onto my website, clicking on the “Home” button in the menu doesn’t take me to my real home page.  It literally just takes me to the page that was labeled Home by whoever designed the site.

    So, how can I set my site/menu up so that I can create a “Home page” that quite literally links back to my real, active home page?  If it matters, I have my Home page setting set to “Show Latest Posts” and not a static page.

    2) Similar to #1, my theme came with a Blog page already created.  When You click on it, the instructions say “To add blog posts click on Posts – Add New in the WordPress Dashboard.”

    Based on what that says, I was under the impression that meant that, if I were to publish a blog post, it would show up on this already created blog page as an excerpt, to which if someone wanted to read more, they would be able to do so by clicking on a button that might say something like “Continue Reading.”  That’s what I’m looking for from my blog page, so my question is, outside of labeling all my posts with a category called “Blog,” and then attaching the category “Blog” to the menu, is there another or better way to have my Blog page actually show a list/excerpt of my latest posts?

    3) Lastly, about my primary sidebar.  I understand what it means…my only question is this–the primary sidebar shows up on the home page.  My home page comes with a very nice, massive opt in form, which I like.  My sidebar has an opt in form at the very top, which is what I want too.

    But I also want my sidebar on almost every single page and post EXCEPT my home page, because I don’t want two highly placed opt in boxes competing for people’s attention.

    So is there a way to either a) keep my sidebar on every page and post except my home page or b) have a sidebar that shows on every page and post, and have secondary, slightly modified sidebar that does indeed show on the home page, but doesn’t show the opt in box at the top of the sidebar when it’s published on the home page?





    Please share a link to your site, it’s hard to work in the blind with so many questions – especially since you keep saying “the site same with” all these things already there for you.



    Well, my site is brand new.  I just recently bought the theme.  The only thing that’s set up is the opt in box.  In fact, the demo for the Balance theme (which is the theme I’m using) has more on it than my site right now.  I’m in the beginning stages of everything, which is why I am asking, I suppose, such basic or “beginners” questions.



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    You probably need to set up your site using the “Get started” instructions in the my.studiopress.com area

    Your home page is using blog posts.

    It would help if your replies were not private so others looking for the same help can read the solutions.



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