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    Using Metro Theme for a new homepage. I just uploaded the Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin to make the Home Top Widget Area full with:

    1080 x 400 px.

    What do I have do change in the functions.php and in the stylesheet.

    Also want to use the Primary Sidebar. But underneath the big slider at the home top.

    Looking for help. Thank you!



    Nothing in the functions that I can think of to change the size of the slider. Genesis Responsive Slider has its own stylesheet, and you can target its various attributes with Firebug or – my preference – the native developer tools in either Firefox of Chrome. Hit Cmd–Opt-I on the Mac or Ctrl-Alt-I on the PC. You might also choose to move those styles to the main sheet.

    Why do you want to move the Primary Sidebar under the hope top widget, when there are two home-middle widgets under it already? You can style those as you like, and even add a third area – that would be simpler, I think. Moving the Primary Sidebar under the Home Top Widget would have ramifications throughout the rest of your site.

    To add a third column under there, add it in home.php and then register it in functions.php, and add the new div accordingly to the stylesheet.


    Sharing the good news about the wonders of web typography and the split-step. Either one should get you moving fast. ;-)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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