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    If I go to Appearance > Widgets in the dashboard of my Lifestyle theme I see all the widgetable areas in a list on the right.

    This includes “Home Left” and “Home Right” but it does not have “Home”.

    On 3 other sites which I own running the same theme,  I see the “Home” widget as expected but not on this one site. I can’t imagine what I could have done to cause it to disappear.

    Could someone please help me locate “Home” and make it appear with these other widgets.





    Please paste the PHP from your child themes functions.php file (for the site which is missing the widget) on Pastebin.com and drop the link here.

    Also paste the home.php file code as well. Thanks




    Code looks ok. Can’t figure this out i’m sorry. Maybe a plugin conflict but not sure.



    Thanks for taking a look Brad.


    Andrea Rennick
    You have a specific page set as the home page.
    This will override the theme’s home.php template.
    Go to Settings -> Reading and pick “your latest posts” so the template can work as intended.

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    I am well aware that I have selected a static page as my homepage & don’t want “my latest posts” to become the homepage (they form my blog page).

    This does not answer the question as to why the “Home” option no longer appears in Appearance > Widgets.

    I have 3 other sites in which I have selected “A Static Page” as the front page. In all 3 of them the “Home” option appears in Appearance > Widgets.



    This is an issue which I hadn’t managed to resolve. Remembering Brad’s suggestion that maybe there’s a plugin conflict I just deactivated all plugins and saw the “Home” widget return. Then one at a time I reactivated plugins until I saw it disappear.

    I was surprised to find that the conflict is with “Genesis Simple Sidebars”.

    Any idea how I can keep this plugin and have access to the “Home” widget?




    I just tested this using the Genesis Simple Sidebar plugin on the Lifestyle theme locally.

    The Home widget will always stay registered in the Widgets page as its coded in the functions file however it will not display on your front page unless you’re using the default Reading Settings.

    The reason for this is the widgets are hard coded into the home.php file and only work on the front page when using that template as your posts page.

    You’ll find the home page widgets work on your blog page when using a static page as your front page as home refers to posts page and is different to front page.

    Not sure why the Home widget is disappearing when you use the Simple Sidebars plugin however the code is in the functions file for registering all widgets so maybe something is happening there.



    Thanks Brad

    Issue now resolved & I owe an apology to Simple Sidebars …

    When I originally set up my sidebars I had given one of them the slug “Home” which is what was causing me the problem. I’ve now deleted that and the correct version of the Home widget now appears as intended.

    All under control :-)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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