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    I’m using the full width of my home page in Balance and want the first post to display as an excerpt, with subsequent posts below as excerpts in two columns.

    That was working ok on a previous installation on a test site but a server outage saw my whole WordPress installation disappear and with it whatever settings I had in place.

    In Genesis Theme Settings -> Content Archives I’ve checked display posts as excerpts (if that is relevant) and posts are in fact displaying as excerpts on the /blog page and on the home page, except for that top post on the home page.


    Your home.php is using the Genesis grid loop, which tells it to have one featured (i.e. full length) post. You can change that by finding this part in home.php:

    	if ( function_exists( 'genesis_grid_loop' ) ) {
    		genesis_grid_loop( array(
    			'features' => 1,
    			'feature_image_size' => 0,
    			'feature_image_class' => 'align none post-image',
    			'feature_content_limit' => 0,
    			'grid_image_size' => 'grid',
    			'grid_image_class' => 'align none post-image',
    			'grid_content_limit' => 0,
    			'more' => __( 'Continue reading...', 'genesis' ),
    			'posts_per_page' => 5,
    		) );

    And changing “features” to zero instead of one.

    Andrea Whitmer, Owner/Developer, Nuts and Bolts Media
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    Thanks Andrea. I thought there would be an option where I could have a full width, but excerpt version of the first post.

    But what you have suggested works.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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