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    I have the “pretty theme” installed. I noticed that other wordpress themes  include many “pages” such as author, category,  page, header, index, .php etc. How come the child theme  “pretty” does not include all these to alter? I only see home.php, functions.php, sytle.css.  Am I supposed to create these pages in order to change the child theme appearance (customize it) or use  the base genesis theme framework pages?

    I have never really used wordpress. I know HTML and css and want to learn how to alter and enhance a theme so I can create a more custom look and still have the benefit of using a CMS.



    Because Genesis is a design framework which includes all these files which should be modified in the child theme.

    All the CSS and PHP can be modified using the child themes files. Never modify the core Genesis files because the framework is updated on a regular basis and your mods will be lost.

    Genesis has inserted hooks in the core files which you can use in custom functions in your child theme.

    You can also use the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin or choose from a large range of:

    Genesis plugins:
    Code Snippets
    Visual Hook Guide
    Genesis Tutorials


    Posh John

    Brad’s answer just about covered everything you need to know, but i just thought i would add that you can still create your own template files too if you like.

    There is a really good series explaining Genesis on Nick The Geek’s website:

    There are also some great articles on wpsmith:

    … and of course not forgetting Bill’s site:

    Happy reading :-)

    Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. Genesis 2

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