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    Hello – I’m not very smart and I don’t catch on quickly (Fair Warning). So I look for SIMPLE solutions. I purchased Genesis and NewsPro Theme and Cobalts Extender plugin. I have been using WordPress for a couple of years, but I am NOT a coder, I am a CUT and PASTER! I’m having trouble figuring out how to do this… And YES I searched this Forum (And saw the Genesis Grid Plug in) and YES I have searched Google and Bing for help. But no luck so far. Just complicated coding. I do have a solid grasp between the difference of “Pages” and “Posts” I am using “Posts” and Categories not Pages no this project.

    I have a Joomla Site (I know this is WordPress) and when I click on a Category I am presented with a LIST of all the articles in that Category. I want that to happen with WordPress. Joomla has some nice features but it harder to maintain and work with.

    The list is numbered, and shows Article Title, Author, Hits in a Table Format.

    I want this to happen with my WordPress Site.

    So instead of a single POST appearing when a user clicks on a Category they are INSTEAD presented with a LIST of all the posts within that Category. Not in a sidebar or Widget, but right where a single article would typically appear I want a list of Articles withing that Category to appear. I do not know how to create Templates. I am using Genesis with the NewsPro Theme (Maybe not the best choice of Child Theme?).

    I want to do this so that users will realize there is a lot of content and not have to dig for the Post Nav Menu at the bottom of the page for NEXT or PREVIOUS.

    Here is an Example of a Category I want to Display a LIst instead of a single Post.

    I have a POST Category called Hotels that has many articles for Hotels in a Particular City. In it’s current form when you click on the Post Category “Hotels” you are presented with ONE POST about whichever Hotel Post was created most recently. And at the bottom of that Post is NEXT/PREVIOUS navigation.

    Instead of that I’d like the visitor to see the list of Hotels so they can browse articles in list format by the Title of the Article.

    Embassy Suites
    Four Seasons
    Motel 6
    Hampton Inn and Suites

    I would think this is pretty common, but I’m not seeing it so I’m probably wrong about that.

    Can anyone advise on how to do this?



    This tutorial is pretty easy to follow and should help you create a category template that will show only what you want to show:

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