How do I remove 'filed under' and 'tagged with'?

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    I’d like to remove the ‘filed under’ and ‘tagged with’ areas on both my home page and individual posts.

    Is there a way of doing it without the Genesis Simple Edits plugin?



    You can remove the shortcodes using simple edits for the post info and meta you don’t want to display

    [post_date] By [post_author_posts_link]

    [post_categories] [post_tags]

    or you can use the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin and unhook post meta and info.

    After installing the plugin Go to the Post/Page Hooks and find:

    Unhook genesis_post_info() function from this hook?

    Unhook genesis_post_meta() function from this hook?



    Thanks. For those of us trying to figure out everything at once: how do you ‘unhook’ something? Is there a particular code I need to add?





    The easiest way is to simply remove the default shortcodes you don’t want using Simple Edits.

    But the Simple Hooks plugin is something i think you’ll find very handy for customization.

    To unhook something, you simply check the box which says unhook.

    You’ll see the boxes once you install the Simple Hooks plugin.

    After installing, go to Genesis > Simple Hooks and you’ll find a page containing all the hooks with boxes.



    Unfortunately the Simple Edits plugin appears to be incompatible with the Balance theme. It breaks other things when I install it. The hook solution suggested by braddalton, however, has worked beautifully.

    Here’s what I’ve done, in case someone else needs to remove the ‘filed under’ and ‘tagged with’ areas:

    1. Install the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin like any other plugin.

    2. Activate it.

    3. On the left-hand side menu, under ‘Genesis’, click on ‘Simple Hooks’.

    4. Find ‘genesis_after_post_content‘ and tick the box that says ‘Unhook genesis_post_meta() function from this hook?’

    5. Save Changes.

    That’s it. The unwanted lines will disappear in both your home page excerpts and individual posts.

    Marc, thanks for the links. I’ll bear them in mind.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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