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    I found some code to display my first two blog posts as full and another snippet to have another 4 posts as excerpts or “teasers.”

    But now I want to style the excerpts. Mostly I want to have the font smaller, to appear similar my existing site. Is there some way to do this with CSS or whatever? It would be nice to include the number of comments on the post as well, like I have now. This would bring me a small step further to launching with Genesis under the hood.




    Dorian Speed

    Could you post the code? If it’s Bill Erickson’s grid loop code, I believe that creates a class called “features” and one for “teasers” or something along those lines. Or post a link to your site in progress.

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    Thanks for the reply Dorian.

    Here is the mess I have so far. I did have the excerpts (teasers) limited at one point, but now (I don’t know why) they seem to have expanded to full content. I’ve been having weird problems with the custom.php reverting to older versions.

    This, I believe, is the only code I have now that modifies output on blog page:

    /** Full Content For Features */
    function be_full_content_for_features( $option ) {
    if( in_array( ‘feature’, get_post_class() ) )
    $option = ‘full';

    return $option;
    add_filter( ‘genesis_pre_get_option_content_archive’, ‘be_full_content_for_features’ );

    In full, I’m trying to replicate the look of my existing blog.┬áThat would include having category and tag archives return as title, author, date, and number of comments only. I’m a very eager potential convert but, after more than a month struggling with this getting close to throwing in the towel.


    Dorian Speed
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