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    I would like to import the company logo image into the header instead of the site title and description being displayed.  Does anyone have experience with the best way to accomplish that with the Generate Theme?  Is there a header widget area that I can use an image widget to place it up there or would I need to add it into the code?





    Is there a reason using the standard Appearance – header workflow isn’t working?

    I do tend to ignore that most of the time myself, except to turn off the header text, but you could do that in the CSS too.

    What I usually do is add my logo file to the Images folder in the theme directory, then add that as a background image to .header-image #title or .header-image #title-area, targeting the one I choose separately from the other two selectors in the block it’s with. By that I mean I’ll copy it and add the background image only to it – otherwise, I’ve gotten three copies of the image stacked up on top of eachother. When the screen sizes change, sometimes they get out of line – eww!

    I think sometimes if I put it in title-area, it winds up not clickable – that’s why I would use title.

    You could also make the logo image the background of the entire header div. That can work too.

    Mary Baum

    Sharing the good news about the wonders of web typography and the split-step. Either one should get you moving fast. ;-)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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