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    On, I’d like to have a homepage with 3 columns (over the full width) and in each column, the latest blog posts from categories 1,2,3 being displayed. Anyone know how to achieve that?




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    You could add a full width widget area there and write the CSS so that each of the widgets you drag into that area float so they line up horizontally.


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    Thks Anitac.

    a) Instead of full surgery, I think using the genesis_before_loop area might suit best, and having a horizontal bar or small image displaying the 3 blog categories, so using can quickly switch between them (or better yet, if it can auto-rotate / slide to display next category after 5 secs, great!)

    b) Been experimenting and already have a home featured widget setup. But, it displays nothing (because home.php is saved as home.txt – because of a page 2/3 grid loop display issue earlier). Strangely, when changing home.txt back to home.php, entire site goes white (not error page, just white).

    Any ideas why the B error exists and how to potentially achieve A?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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