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    As I am not a PHP-guy I wonder if it is a big task to only add a div, to all pages in a theme?

    Say, I want to add a banner-div to the #header in the Eleven40 theme. How do I code it in the functions.php?
    I prefer not to add a widget as this is nothing that is going to be edited by the user. It will be set in the CSS.

    I know that the CSS has to be adjusted to the new setup, but it is the PHP that is the hard thing.


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    You’re talking about using the Hooks that Genesis has in it for adding & removing structure and content to a theme. If you want to add a div above the header, for example, you would use the genesis_before_header hook to add the action that outputs the new div.

    There is a good article on the Genesis framework here, along with the next one, which goes through the add_action steps. I’ve created a Gist with some example code that you can use in your functions.php file:

    The trick is the div’s contents. If it’s hardcoded, you can code the content into the HTML in the function. Otherwise, you need to include some means of inserting content: a widget, a Loop that grabs a Post or Page, something that reads a settings field in theme settings, etc. It can get more advanced if you’re not experienced at this, but it’s not at all impossible.


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    Great comment, thank you so much!
    Those two articles by Nick I have never seen before, even if I have read a lot of good stuff from him.  I will study them and try to learn more about the Genesis framework.

    I also really appreciate your code. Now I have something to try and make some experiments with. I think this will take me forward as it was in line with what I expected. Nice to know that HTML can be used within a function as I am much more acquainted with HTML and CSS than PHP.

    Thank you Ramseyp for helping me.


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