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    With the eleven40 theme, how would I add an image just to the right of the logo? I’ve tried a couple things by editing the CSS, but to no avail. (I’m a designer, not a developer.)

    Goal: I have some unused space between the logo and the nav area. I would like to add a tagline next to the logo. I plan on using a graphic to maintain consistency. Rather than making one long graphic containing both the logo and the tagline (which would really shrink when viewing on a smartphone, etc.,) I would like to ADD a graphic next to the logo. The theory is this graphic will drop to the next line when viewed on a mobile device.

    (Two lines of text could also work here, so long as one could control the properties and include line breaks so as to not crowd the navigation.)

    Thoughts? Any help is appreciated.

    The site in question is




    You would need to add a new div to the header or add it in as part of the logo and then add in another logo for the responsive sections. To add the div you would need to add a function to functions.php e.g.

    add_action(genesis_header, new_div);
    function new_div() {
    echo ‘

    Then it’s just a matter of styling it to get it where you want and you can add your image into the div or set it as the background image.

    John “Nicolas Flamel” Wright | SoZo’s design| John Wright Photography



    Thanks, John. Some points to clarify:

    1. Add this code to WHICH functions.php? The one belonging to Genesis or the one belonging to eleven40?

    2. Can you provide an example of how such styling would look? That code also goes into the functions.php file? Or somewhere else?

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