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    I am moving my site to genesis framework and I am really new here.

    I want to customize my theme but without your help I wouldn’t able to do anything so please help me (:

    Currently I’m running a image gallery website and I want to transfer this feature to genesis framework.

    I want to display the number of images in a post on the title like this screenshot:

    Below is the code which I have to replace with the current the_title(); but I’m failed to find in the whole files :(

    the_title(); global $numpages; global $page ; echo ' ('.$numpages.' Images)';

    How can I replace this with the current Post title?



    Use one of the title filters to append it to the end of each title.

    Default value: get_the_title()
    Applied to the title in the genesis_do_post_title function.

    Default value: $title
    Applied to the output of the title and wrapping heading tags in the genesis_do_post_title function.



    Can you please guide me how to do it?

    I’m really confused.

    I find this get_the_title() code in lib/structure/post.php

    $title = apply_filters( 'genesis_post_title_text', get_the_title() );
    I tried to replace with this
    $title = apply_filters( 'genesis_post_title_text', the_title(); global $numpages; global $page ; echo ' ('.$numpages.' Images)'; );

    But it giving me an error!



    Never edit any code in Genesis.

    Always use the filter in a child themes functions file.

    Using filter functions in WordPress



    I am glad that you’re helping me a lot!

    I understand I have to make changes in functions.php and I’ve to create my custom functions using hooks and filters.

    But as I said earlier I’m using framework first time I’m still unable to create my own first function so please help me how should I code this? ):

    function my_function_name() {
      // Your custom code goes here, between the curly braces
     $title = the_title(); global $numpages; global $page ; echo ' ('.$numpages.' Images)'; );
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