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    I have the Studiopress Eleven40 theme with Genesis framework and i had a few questions on how to make some changes for the layout. 
    1) How do i make the Primary SIdebar more wider? (Sidebar on the right) because right now i can only fit a 250 by 250 ad there (square ad), but i want to make it wide enough to place a 300×250 or a 336×280 ad.
    2) How do i insert a widget area into my post. Kind of like having a picture in a post with text wrapped around it. I want to create a widget area for the top right corner for each post page so i can add a 300×250 or 336×280 ad there. You can use this link to see an example of what i mean (not my website but that is the kind of placement i want for post right corner)



    At around line 1060 in your style.css change the .sidebar width: 250px to width:300px; (see below)

    .sidebar {
        display: inline;
        float: right;
        font-size: 14px;
        padding: 25px 0 0;
        width: 300px;

    To answer your 2nd question, perhaps this excellent step by step tutorial from Nick will help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

    Twitter: @riavonentprises



    Hello Riavon, I noticed your suggestion re: line 1060, and I was wondering if there’s a quik method of locating a specific line #? Newly working with a Genesis and Legacy and a line locator would be handy. Thanx.



    @tjd I use Notepad++ ( You open up Notepad++, then copy the CSS from your site and paste it in there and then you can see all the lines of code. At least this is now I do it. Then once I locate the line, I can either make the changes right in the sites CSS or if I make a lot of changes – I do it in Notepad++ and copy/paste back to the site.




    I checked out Notepad++ and found it’s not yet ready for mac. But the basic idea is sound and I’ll use it with my Text Edit file or Pages. Clever idea.

    Thanx for your advice.

    Happy New Year,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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