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    I’me setting up my portfolio in Minimum Theme, but it doesn’t look pretty:

    Do I need to make all pictures the exact same size in order to get a neat layout? By that, I mean that it’s all ‘lined up’ and not randomly spread over the page.

    And secondly, how do I change the order so the most important things are at the top?

    Thanks, appreciate the help! (and yes, I did use the search function on the forum – couldn’t find what I was looking for!)


    Depends how neat you want it to be.

    Do you want the total space your portfolio pieces occupy (aka the containing div) to line up? Then the pix can be different sizes and proportions inside that space.

    Do you want neat rows of pictures, or of the containing divs, but you don’t care about columns lining up? Then you’ll want to make the containing divs the same height – and I would think you’d want the images the same height inside those divs.

    Or would you like neat columns? Then the outer divs could be different heights, but all the same width. And, again, you’ll probably like the columns better if the images and text inside those divs are also the same width.

    If you want to lock the divs in a grid, but the images can be different sizes, that’s an option too.

    Finally, yes. If you want everything locked down in a grid that lines up both horizontally and vertically, and you want the images to line up too, they’ll have to be the same size.

    Darn geometry.

    Actually don’t darn geometry – darn socks (or just buy new ones.)

    Clearly I need lunch – that joke was terrible. But I hope the advice helped. ;-)




    Oh – to change the order, I manipulate the publication dates of the posts. I suppose you could use Reveal ID or something else to manipulate the post IDs, or you could mess with the titles so the alphabetical order of those matches the sequence you want to show them in.

    But the cleanest thing would probably be to manipulate the post IDs.



    Thanks Mary, very helpful. Being a little of a neat freak, I was going for the full horizontal and vertical grid :)

    Manipulating the date: very simple solution I hand’t thought of. Thanks!


    Genesis Developer

    Otherwise you can use the plugin



    Okay, good to know. I try to install as few plugins as possible actually, because they so easily create conflicts or slow your site down. But when the portfolio starts growing, manually changing the dates every time may not be an option either so I’ll look into it. Thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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