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    I just wanted to know what is the best way to do a full wordpress backup of the database and files before migrating to a new web host?

    I am changing from a shared account to a VPS with a new host and want to make sure I transfer everything properly.

    Thanks for your help in advance.



    Note I also want the Posts and Pages. Is that included with a wordpress backup?



    Personally I’d recommend a plugin called Duplicator.

    I build clients’ sites on my own webserver and when they’re ready I use Duplicator to copy the whole thing including the database and then upload it to the new hosting account. It ensures that the new site goes up really quickly.

    All you need to do is set up a database on the new hosting account and make a note of the username, password and db name.

    Use Duplicator to create a copy of your existing site (one click operation – creates the copy file and an installer file that you download to your computer).

    Upload the copy file and the installer file via FTP to the new hosting account.

    Browse to the installer file using your browser and paste in the database info in the various text fields.

    That’s pretty much it.

    I’ve used it dozens of times now – I’ve had problems with it maybe once due to an odd server configuration.



    I like BackupBuddy or WP Migrate DB which offers a free and premium version.

    Some hosts offer a free migration service .


    Pam Hirsch

    I also use BackupBuddy from iThemes. It works perfectly for the case you are asking about and I’ve also used it myself when my own site was hacked.

    Documentation on the plugin’s use is excellent and it’s easy to use. There are different licenses that you can purchase.



    Best I came across for a newbie was this:

    incredibly simple and it worked.



    Cool, thanks everyone. I also found a way to do it in phpMyAdmin. By using the export tab and checking off the proper boxes and it then generates a sql file. There are apparently a bunch of ways to do this.

    I always thought just using ftp and downloading from the hosting server would be enough. Guess not.



    That’s right. You need to copy files and a database.

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