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    I’m setting up a site, my 6th or 7th on Genesis using my 4th theme, and at the point when I was nearly done, the client decided she wants her own art as the home page (this after I bought the theme she wanted).  I’ve done all kinds of customizations before, but never one like this.

    1) Is this going to mess up the SEO?

    2) This is not just the content of the page. She wants the entire 960px wide area–the entire page–to be her artwork, and her header and background on the rest of the site. I understand I can add new new front-page.php and Genesis will pick that up? One source I found mentioned using a template file for this?

    3) Then menu won’t be on the front page this way, but it will appear on the rest of the site. On the front page, I should be able to reproduce the custom buttons she wants and just link them to the proper categories/pages? Obviously, no widgets on the front page this way, but she just wants her static artwork and links into the major areas of the site.

    I think I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. :-)



    Is she seeking a splash page style setup?  Not having a menu could be a challenge or offputting to potential visitors.  However, you can create a custom home template, add a single widget area for the site and drop in the visual as desired.  There is a nice video on chatting how to do this.

    As far as SEO, it’s possible to affect it.  No links and no text only allows meta tags to be the drivers for homepage SEO, so it could create a challenge, but that depends on what she is trying to rank for.

    As for menu and buttons and such, you can still use widget areas to deliver the content, just depends on how you style this.

    Loving the Genesis Life!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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