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    Hi – I’m trying to use Relevanssi for my site search, but part of isn’t working (it’s replacing the links for tags with /other which is my ‘uncategorized’ category).

    It looks like it could be because of the following:

    In the search results template, avoid get_permalink(), as it doesn’t work. the_permalink() works and returns the correct permalink. You can use relevanssi_get_permalink(), if you don’t want to echo the permalink directly.

    Please could somebody tell me how to edit my search results template? I did search for instructions in the forum but no luck.

    By the way my site is

    Thanks in advance

    Cheers, Rob



    You should never edit the core Genesis files.

    Google custom search is a better solution as its far more accurate and easier to customize and install.



    Thanks Brad – I’ve used Google custom search with a different theme but I’ve had various issues when trying it with Genesis. I don’t want to detail them all here because I’d rather just see if there is a way to get Relevanssi to work since it gives me much more control.

    So if Genesis does use get_permalink() whether there is any way that I can change it to the_permalink() without editing the core files? Would this be a custom hook or custom function?

    Cheers, Rob

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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