How to emulate Squarespace's Adirondack theme?

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    Although I’m thrilled with Genesis, my partner looks longingly at some of the options she sees on Squarespace. The one she really likes is a theme called Adirondack . They just rolled that theme out several months ago.

    Specifically, it’s the action(s) in the header, which is very cool. The main nav is out of the way, dropping down only on hover. As you scroll the home page up, the banner image fades to transparent and the header itself shrinks up out of the way, leaving a white bar at the top. All of that combines to create a very cool effect. And it’s all way beyond my programming skills.

    Is there any part of the above that someone could point me in the right direction on? I’d be very appreciative. Thank you!



    This is really cool. If you figure it out, could you please share how? Thanks!

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    I’ve seen a few parallax themes at Code Canyon that do that, but nothing as yet that’s a Genesis child theme.

    I could have sworn one of the new HTML5 themes here had a floating top menu, but I don’t recall which one right now.

    Of course, I’m chomping at the bit to play with this one:

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    @sssv–I’m trying, but my CSS, etc. skills consist of banging on the keyboard like a happy monkey until something works. I’m not sure that’s the prescribed method.

    @Summer–I hope some Genesis themes with a little voodoo come our way some time. However, DenaIi–I love that!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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