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    I have tried using both the Genesis User Profile widget and the Display Authors Widget and the gravatars do not show up. I created new gmail accounts, added the gravatar to the email at; any ideas why they don’t show?

    Can’t leave url since site is under construction, does this link to screenshot help solve the mystery?
    Any suggestions much appreciated!


    Sometimes it just takes a while for the gravatars to populate.

    Once I had a problem with gravatars displaying incorrectly after importing comments from an old WP database into a new one. The problem was within the wp_comments table in the database. The user_id column for each comment had been populated with the user_id of the admin account. To reset and force WordPress to fetch the gravatar as normal, I simply had to set the user_id for each comment to 0.

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    That is an interesting theory. I checked the database and the user_ids are all different and unique, and are also reflected correctly in the wp_usermeta. I guess I will have to send an inquiry to gravatar; it has been five days.



    Success. Turns out, by changing the Gravatar’s Rating to G from PG made them show up within the hour. Bother. Thank you for the suggestion!

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