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    Hey there,

    I’m using the Generate Theme and I’ve added a video to the Generate Box at the top of the home page Any idea how I can make this video responsive so that it displays well in mobile devices.

    I installed the plugin FitVids and was able to get videos in my posts responsive, but haven’t had any joy with my Generate Box. Your suggestions are much appreciated.



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    To make it responsive, you’ve used the Fitvid plugin. Great.

    If your concern is about the appearance of generate box in smaller browser, that’s just a styling issue. You need to figure out the CSS yourself,


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    I have the Generate theme and i want to get a similar setup, a video with the optin, are you able to share the code for the generate box? I have been playing with the code and lost my backup, so i am not sure what goes in that Generate widget, I have added the aweber form via the plugin nick the geek but i am unsure how to get a video in there as well.

    If i want to style it myself i presume i can add a <div> and include the embedded video and the aweber form?


    i am pretty new to this stuff so its a big learning curve!


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    Can anybody help me recreate this video and opt-in box in the header area? I am struggling with this at the moment and i am a bit lost to be honest…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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