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    dear all,

    i have been struggling with this for almost a year my blogs and are fine with chrome, mozilla etc. but in internet explorer blogs are all over the places. kindly help me how to resolve this issue to make it compatiable with internet explorer. both are on 11/40 themes, is there any problem with the theme?




    What version are you running. The latest version is v.1.1

    What genesis framework versionĀ are you running as well? Is it the latest one>?

    I’m using IE9 to view the blogs and really don’t see any layout issue’s. What exactly is the problem? Maybe a screenshot would help us.

    Also what version of IE are you using to view the blog?



    @snakeair , thx for replying, my genesis theme version is 1.8.0 , the problem i am facing is that in Internet Explorer, my adsense ads are getting here and there, is it safe to upgrade to the latest version of genesis, will it affect my site in any way as i am not a technical person.



    Genesis is at 1.9.2 right now and yes, you should upgrade, not just due to site performance and layout issues but also because the upgrades often fix security issues that are discovered. WP core and plugins should also be kept up to date.

    That being said, you need to be careful because yes, there can be glitches whenever you do an upgrade. Always take a backup of your site before upgrading and make sure you know how to restore the backup if something goes wrong. Then, if you have multiple pieces to upgrade at once, do them one by one, and test in between each. That way, if something gets screwy, you know which piece it was and you’re in a better position to restore functionality.

    The issue with Adsense may not be due to Genesis, it might be from a plugin or whatever other method you’re using to insert the ads. So you’ll need to take the issues one at a time, probably.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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