How to remove space above post title on archive pages?

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    I have a gap before every post title listing on my archive pages.

    How do I adjust this?



    As you posted this a while ago, I hope you got your issue resolved. If not, please let me know, and I will take a look (or escalate if I cannot help).

    If it is resolved, please mark it resolved, so that the thread can be closed.


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    I have not resolved the issue and would appreciate help. Thanks,



    Try this. Look for this in your style sheet:

    .content .entry {
        border: medium none;
        margin-bottom: 3.2rem;
        padding: 3.2rem;

    Change the padding to this:

    padding: 0 3.2rem;

    See how that works for you.



    Didn’t work. When I tried replacing with padding: 0 3.2rem;
    the titles of single posts went closer to the header.

    My goal is to remove the large gap that appears between post listings on search, /blog, and archive pages. Could be caused by padding above titles or below listings.

    I wish I had a map telling me which CSS controls what.

    My CSS has this:

    .content .entry {
    border: none;
    margin-bottom: 32px;
    margin-bottom: 3.2rem;
    padding: 32px;
    padding: 3.2rem;

    Would like to know what the padding: 32px; controls as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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