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    I’m building a small, mostly static site, and I want the content in various widget areas to vary depending on what page it is.  For example, my child theme includes a “before footer” area.  On the About page, I want the content in “before footer” to be content which relates to the About page and on the Contact page, I want the content in that area to be different.  What’s the preferred way to approach this?  While I’m a WordPress and Genesis newbie, I’m very comfortable with PHP coding.  I just need to know how/where to start.  Thanks for any help!  –Jeff


    David Chu

    The simplest way to make something akin to this is to use the Genesis Simple Sidebars plugin. I have one designer client who goes totally crazy with this, and makes different sidebar content for every page. (To me, that’s very extreme.) :-) The only limitation of that is that it’s, well, sidebars, and not other types of widgets.

    So when I want to stick something into a some other area on a page, I’ll use Custom Fields for that, and then use hooks and functions to get that into the template. Unfortunately, that’s well beyond the scope of a short answer, but tuts may be helpful for putting that together.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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