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    Henrik Blomgren

    Just uploaded and activated my first Genesis theme today. I have been asking around on the forums and using google fu to get where I wanted. This is version 1.0 so I will probably spend most of the year tweaking this theme into something more lovely as I learn more about Genesis.

    But for now yeah, welcome to the fresh theme of my own personal blog/portfolio. I just need to get some portfolios up for everyone to look at!


    Also I wanted to ask. In this design, where would you guys place advertisments? I´m thinking about placing them in the footer either below or above the copyright notice. Any takers on that idea?


    For homepage, above footer looks best option. For single posts, add below title for better Click through rate or use quick adsense plugin to insert ads bang in middle of article content. http://wordpress.org/plugins/quick-adsense/


    Henrik Blomgren

    Thanks for the feedback Davinder.

    I kinda hate pages that have advertisment below the title. It disrupts my eyes and just destroys most of the designs. I want to read a post about how to make a homepage but all I get is advertisment on how some randomly added google advertisment? Might be good for clicktroughs but man it destroys the reading ability for me.

    Middle of the content is much the same. If it disrupts the flow of the text and post content then I am very much displeased with it. After post is done and before comments? thinking about it but from the looks on things I will end up with it being displayed in the footer in a widget above the copyright notice. Just need to find something more to place in another widget at the footer widget beside it XD



    Looks really nice, good job! I’ve just started using Genesis too, hopefully be posting a theme here too some time. ;)

    As for feedback, maybe you could enhance your navigation to be that expanding accordion style when its viewed on a mobile? instead of a standard dropdown, just so when you have extra menu options it looks nice and tidy.

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    Henrik Blomgren

    HB on Genesis is a nice simple theme that I published just to make things easier to display things. It´s v 1.0 so I will keep changing things up probably and making changes. Making the navigation more mobile friendly is one of those things. Need to work on some Sidr implementation as I really liked that solution to everything.

    Front page will probably change in the near future as it didn´t really turn out as my mockup was supposed to be. But at the same time it´s also neat and easy on the eyes so it´s hard to change it.

    Thanks for the compliment.

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